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How to save and view a PDF e-book on an iPad

How to save and view a PDF e-book on an iPad If you are familiar with a Windows or Mac PC you will be used to downloading and opening files. To view a PDF e-book on this type of device you’d simply download the PDF file and then open it to view the e-book. The

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Why you can’t effectively learn Excel 2016/365 using a Video Tutorial

Why you can’t effectively learn Excel 365 using a Video Tutorial Excel 365 uses the new Software as a Service (SaaS) business model In the new SaaS world, you don’t buy software any more – you effectively rent it via a subscription. The software then continually improves and changes via automatic online updates.  This means

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Excel 2016 for Mac vs Excel 2016 for Windows​

Excel 2016 for Windows and Excel 2016 for (Apple) Mac are very different products You could be forgiven for thinking that the (confusingly named) Excel 2016 for Mac (suitable only for Apple computers) was “just the same” as Excel 2016 for Windows. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Excel 2016 for Mac version has

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Why was my credit card not authorized?

There are many reasons why a credit card may not be authorized. The easiest way to find out is to telephone your card company who will usually tell you the reason. Sometimes your card may not authorize and the card company may not record the reason. This would happen if you simply typed in the card number incorrectly

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