Learn Excel 2016 Expert Skills for Apple Mac with The Smart Method

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Book Cover - Learn Excel 2016 Expert Skills for Apple Mac with The Smart Method

ISBN: 9781909253124

After the Essential Skills course you’ll be really, really good with Excel. If you want to join the tiny elite of power-users who can do absolutely everything with Excel you can take the Expert Skills course and become a true Excel guru.

By the end of this course your Excel skills will be greater and broader than almost all other Excel users in the workplace.

Also available for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 for Windows as both printed books and e-books.

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2 thoughts on “Learn Excel 2016 Expert Skills for Apple Mac with The Smart Method”

  1. I purchased and am using Excel 2016 for Mac OS-X, Expert version. I am using a purchased version or MS Office 2016 for Mac(not 365) and it is updated as of a couple of days ago. My operating system is OSX 10.14.2 (Mojave). In lesson 6, where links between Word and Excel are discussed, I am getting different behavior than described in the workbook. In Lesson 6-3, when I link from the sample Word document to the table I constructed in Excel, the worksheet transfers perfectly from Excel to Word without the extra rows and columns. I used the Insert, Text, Object command. The book says that is not the case and shows extra lines and columns. In the next lesson I used the Insert-Text-Link to File command and, after getting a security warning and having to put in my computer password, I get just the data from the Excel Worksheet without any formatting. Double clicking on it does nothing. Has MS updated the Mac version such that the lesson 6-3 and 6-4 are no longer valid?

    1. Hi James,

      Although Microsoft officially only release updates to the 365 version of Excel, changes like this do occasionally find their way into the non-subscription version. The 2019 version of the Mac book does reflect this new change, so any new customers should find that their version of Excel matches what is shown in the book. If we issue a new edition of the 2016 for Mac book we will also incorporate this change, so thank you for letting us know.

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