Learn Excel 2019 Essential Skills with The Smart Method

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ISBN: 978-1909253087

If you need Excel skills to get a job you should begin with this course (it also includes all of the Basic Skills material).

Even if you’ve never used Excel before you’ll have no difficulty completing this course,  most learners can complete it in two days or less. 

This course will give you all the skills an employer would expect. By the end of the Essential Skills course your Excel skills will be better than most office workers.

Also available for Excel 365, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Excel 2007Excel 2016 for Apple Mac and Excel 2019 for Apple Mac as both printed books and e-books.

Teaching a class? Order 5+ printed books at wholesale price.

2 thoughts on “Learn Excel 2019 Essential Skills with The Smart Method”

  1. Will you ever have videos regarding these? I saw your comments on why the earlier versions were not effective now on video?

    1. Just like Windows 10 and many other modern software products, Excel is now a rapidly evolving product. While you can still buy the “pay once use forever” version of Office (Office 2019), our research suggests that most users now purchase a low-cost subscription to Office 365. Just like Windows 10 there is a major new semi-annual release of Office 365 in January and July every year (though Excel 2019 users will be forever limited to the features that were available in late 2018). The July 2019 Excel 365 update will be a big one with major changes to look-and-feel as well as some stunning new features (creating a major rift between Excel 365 and Excel 2019). For this reason we produce both Excel 2019 and Excel 365 books. The Excel 365 book has a new edition published every six months (to match latest semi-annual Excel 365 version) in January and July each year (we are the only publisher that does this). Of course, video lessons that are always out of date (and show screens and features that are different to those on the student’s computer screen) would hinder rather than assist the learning process and it would be impractical for us to re-make over 40 hours of video lessons every six months (our older video courses took at least six months just to record and edit). Having said this our old courses for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 remain useful for these (now retired) versions. As you have mentioned, there is an article that discussed this subject more fully here.

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