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“Cannot group that selection” error in Excel pivot tables

If you’re seeing the “Cannot group that selection” error message when trying to group pivot tables, it is most likely because your data is invalid in some way.

One of our customers sent us some example data that was causing this problem:

If you look carefully you’ll see that one of the dates is the 29th of February 2018, which isn’t a valid date. This was most likely a data entry error.

Pivot tables won’t allow you to group dates if there are any invalid dates within the data source. Blank cells are also considered to be invalid dates, so you must make sure that there are no blanks. If you fix your data so that there are no invalid values, the error should disappear and you should be able to group your pivot table.

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3 Responses

  1. The information you posted was a big help. For too long I’ve been struggling with this problem in Excel. Thank you very much.

    1. You should be able to group a pivot table in any current version of Excel. My best guess is that you are not dealing with a regular pivot table (although the data may bave been formatted in such a way that it closely resembles a pivot table).

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