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Printing the Basic Skills course

Terms and Conditions when printing the Basic Skills book

Unlike almost every other e-book on the market, our Basic Skills e-books are unlocked and printable.  You are free to print and distribute the free Basic Skills course with only two conditions:

  1. You must print the book exactly as it is published and may not add or remove any book content or copyright notices.
  2. You may not make any charge of any sort for the books that you print. It is permissible, however, to give free copies of the book to students who attend a free (or paid for) class or course.

Excel Basic Skills paper books are often used as free giveaways by employment agencies (for job applicants who need Excel skills) and by employers (to empower their employees with basic Excel skills at minimal cost).

Print on A4 paper if it is available

If there’s an option to use A4 rather than Letter paper we’d recommend A4 as the book will then look a little better. If not Letter paper will be fine.

Print-double sided if you can

The book has been designed so that each lesson fits onto two facing pages.  If you print double-sided and then put the pages into a ring-binder it will be a lot easier for students to work through the lessons.

Cover graphics for Basic Skills

For a professional touch, most binders allow you to slide a color insert into the front cover.  You can print out the appropriate cover sheet (from the links below) in black-and-white or, preferably, in color.

Go to the product page for the book you are printing and click the Front Cover button.  You’ll then see a large graphic of the front cover of the book.  Right-click the graphic and then select Save Image As… from the shortcut menu.  You can then open the image file in any image viewer and print from there.

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2 Responses

    1. Hi Anne,

      Basic Skills is completely free and can be downloaded as a PDF e-book from here. You are free to print the Basic Skills e-book yourself, so we don’t sell individual copies of it.

      If it’s actually the Essential Skills course you needed (the complete beginners Excel course rather than the free ‘Basic’ course that only contains the first two sessions), you can find it here.

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