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If you are seeing small differences it is probably because you are using a version of Excel 365 that is targeted at home users (rather than business).

Excel 365 versions targeted at business users are updated twice a year with a new semi-annual version. 

Excel 365 versions targeted at home users are updated more frequently (usually once every month).  For this reason users of the Excel 365 home versions will always be slightly ahead of the current semi-annual version used by business users. 

We publish an updated edition of the book twice a year (in January and July) to coincide with each new semi-annual release. 

Yes. We publish a FREE Excel Basic skills e-book for all Excel versions in common use (including Apple Mac versions). You can download our other free Basic Skills e-books here:  Excel 2007Excel 2010Excel 2013, Excel 2019Excel 2016 for Apple Mac and Excel 2019 for Apple Mac.

This book was written using the Excel 365 January 2020 semi-annual version 1908.  The next edition of this book will support the July 2020 semi-annual update.

The free Basic Skills Excel tutorial will get you started with Excel fundamentals. Even though it is a basic skills course you’ll still master many skills that professional Excel users are unable to use. Available entirely free as an e-book.

The Basic Skills course contains the first 43 lessons from the Essential Skills course and will take most users 5 hours or less to complete.

If you need Excel skills to get a job you may prefer to begin with our Essential Skills course (it includes all of the Basic Skills material and will take you to a higher level of proficiency, giving you all of the skills that an employer would expect).

Free Basic Skills books are also available for Excel 2007Excel 2010Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, Excel 2016 for Apple Mac and Excel 2019 for Apple Mac.

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    1. Hi Terry,
      If you have extracted the files to the default location you will find them in your C:\Practice folder.

      If you mean that you can’t find the file after downloading, it has most likely been placed in your Downloads folder. If security software might be blocking the download you can try the alternative ZIP file option.

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