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How good do your Excel skills need to be?

It is important to realize that Excel is probably the largest and most complex software application ever created. Hardly anybody understands how to use every Excel feature and, for almost all business users, large parts of Excel’s functionality wouldn’t even be useful. The free Basic Skills Excel Tutorial may be all you need but if you decide to further expand your Excel education you’ll be able to use the other books in this series to master even the most advanced Excel features.

The free Basic Skills Excel tutorial consists of the first two sessions from our Essential Skills course and will get you started with Excel fundamentals. Even though it only teaches basic skills, you’ll still master many skills that professional Excel users are unable to use. This Basic Skills tutorial is available entirely free as an e-book. 

The Basic Skills course will take most users five hours or less to complete.

If you need Excel skills to get a job you should begin with this course (it also includes all of the Basic Skills material).

Even if you’ve never used Excel before you’ll have no difficulty completing this course,  most learners can complete it in two days or less. 

The Essential Skills course will give you all the skills an employer would expect. By the end of the Essential Skills course your Excel skills will be better than most office workers.

After the Essential Skills course you’ll be really, really good with Excel. 

If you have completed the Essential Skills course and want to join the tiny elite of power-users who can do absolutely everything with Excel you can take the follow-on Expert Skills course and become a true Excel guru.

By the end of this course your Excel skills will be greater and broader than almost all other Excel users in the workplace.

Why should you use our courses to learn Excel?

You’ll need to invest a lot of your time to develop Excel skills. It is really important that you choose the very best materials to learn. Here are three good reasons why you should choose The Smart Method.

You can get started completely free

Our acclaimed free Basic Skills Excel Tutorial is used by schools, colleges, universities and industry to train Excel fundamentals. Most students can complete this course in five hours or less.

By the end of the free Basic Skills book you’ll be able to create your own formulas using functions from Excel’s vast function library. You’ll also have mastered many other fundamental Excel skills such as AutoSum, AutoFill and Formula Autocomplete.

Learning success is guaranteed

For over fifteen years, Smart Method® classroom courses have been used by large corporations, government departments and the armed forces to train their employees.  

Each course has been constantly refined (during hundreds of classroom courses). This has made our courses effective for students of all ages and abilities. We have never had a student who has failed to learn Excel after taking one of our courses.

You can learn just as much as you need

The free Basic Skills Excel Tutorial may be all you need but if you decide to further expand your Excel education you’ll be able to use the other books in this series to master even the most advanced Excel features.

If you need Excel skills to get a job you should begin with the Essential Skills Excel Tutorial course (it includes all of the Basic Skills material) to reach a high level of Excel proficiency.

If you’re already an accomplished Excel user check out the Expert Skills Excel Tutorial to discover advanced skills that are rarely mastered (even by Excel power users). 

Learning by doing, An alternative approach to learning and applying Excel skills

For over 900 years craftsmen have traditionally taught their skills to an apprentice. In this model the apprentice learned his trade by observing how the master craftsman used his skills. This construction kit will teach you advanced Excel skills in the same way. Even if you only have basic Excel skills, the construction kit is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to construct a complex, polished professional Excel application that would be well beyond the powers of most advanced Excel users.

Free Excel Challenges. Test your Excel skill level with a selection of real-world business assignments

Our Basic, Essential and Expert tutorials all include an exercise at the end of each session.

Excel Challenges go beyond simple exercises.  Each challenge presents a common business problem that can be solved using Excel skills.  Challenges are graded as Basic, Essential and Expert.  If you have completed the relevant Excel tutorial you should have no difficulty completing each assignment.

Challenges are presented completely FREE in both video and written (printable) format.  This makes them ideal for both self-learners and for teachers to use in a classroom setting.

Each challenge also has a solution video that walks you through a guided step-by-step solution.

If you are unsure of your current skill level our challenges can help you to establish your existing Excel skill level (Basic, Essential or Expert).

When you use The Smart Method you're in good company

Here are some of the companies that The Smart Method have helped empower with excellent Excel skills. Some have taken our classroom courses and others have benefited from our online resources:

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