Horizontal scrolling with the mouse in Excel

Most modern mice have a ‘mouse wheel’ that also acts as a middle mouse button. Rolling the mouse wheel up and down lets you quickly scroll up and down an Excel workbook.

You can zoom in and out of a workbook by using the mouse wheel while holding the  key, so you might expect there to be a similar keyboard shortcut to scroll horizontally. Unfortunately there isn’t a keyboard shortcut to do this, but there are two ways to scroll horizontally using the mouse.

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Auto Scroll

If you click the mouse wheel (or ‘middle click’), the cursor changes into a four-headed arrow icon and ‘Auto Scroll’ is enabled. Auto Scroll allows you to scroll in any direction by moving the mouse in the direction you wish to scroll.

Auto Scroll remains enabled until you click the mouse.

The horizontal scrollbar

A horizontal scrollbar can be found at the bottom of the Excel window. Clicking the scrollbar arrows or clicking and dragging the scrollbar allows you to scroll horizontally.

You can also speed up horizontal scrolling by holding down the <Shift> key before using the scrollbar.

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