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Books and e-Books

You can instantly download an e-book or have a paper book quickly delivered to your door.

  1. Identify the Excel version you are using.
  2. Click on the matching book cover for full book details and a link to download the e-book or order a paper book.

Excel 365 for Windows

Windows Book or e-Book
Windows Book or E-book

Earlier Excel 365 versions editions

Almost all users will be using the latest Excel 365 version meaning that the books shown on the left are the most appropriate.

Some schools, colleges, universities and corporations ask their IT department to restrict their systems to only update every 12 or 18 months rather than the normal 6-monthly update.  

If you have a special need for an older Excel 365 version, our books and e-books for the January 2019 (first edition), July 2019 (second edition) and January 2020 (third edition) are still available from Amazon.  

Excel 2021 for Windows

Windows Book or e-Book
Windows Book or e-Book

Excel 2019 for Windows

Excel 2019 for Apple Mac

Windows Book or e-Book
Windows Book or e-Book
Windows Book or e-Book
Apple Book or e-Book
Apple Book or e-Book

Excel 2016 for Windows

Excel 2016 for Apple Mac

Windows Book or e-Book
Windows Book or e-Book
Windows Book or e-Book
Apple Book or e-Book
Apple Book or e-Book

Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007

We strongly recommend that you learn Excel using a modern version.  Our older books/e-books are all still available as books/e-books from Amazon if you really need to learn using one of these versions.

Free Basic Skills Tutorials

Current Windows versions

No ISBN For This Title
For Windows
For Windows
Book Cover - Learn Excel 2016 Basic Skills with The Smart Method
For Windows

Current Mac versions

For Apple Mac
2019 basic
For Apple Mac

The FREE books are provided as PDF files

If you purchase our Essential Skills e-book (that also includes the Basic Skills material) you’ll be able to use Amazon’s sophisticated e-book reader.  Click here to find out more about this advanced e-book format.  The FREE books are provided in the industry-standard PDF format that can be read in any modern browser.

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