Excel Challenges

Excel challenges allow you to test your Excel skills by solving real-world business problems

Challenge Grading

Our Excel challenges are graded into three categories: Basic, Essential and Expert.  The skills needed to complete each challenge are taught in the matching Excel tutorial book/e-book.  For example, a challenge that is graded Essential will only require the skills that are taught in: Learn Microsoft Excel Essential Skills with The Smart Method. 

If you have acquired your Excel skills by another route, our Excel challenges will reassure you that you have excellent Excel skills.

Challenges consist of five components

  1. Challenge description video (FREE):  A narrated video presentation showing each of the steps needed to complete the challenge.  In this video you are shown what you need to do but not how to do it.
  2. Challenge description as text (FREE):  If you would rather read the challenge than watch it in narrated video format you can read the challenge from the web page.
  3. Challenge description as a downloadable PDF file (FREE):  If you would rather print out the challenge on paper our PDF files (just like all of our e-books) can be printed.  If you are teaching a class you may distribute printed copies of the challenge to your class.
  4. Challenge starting point downloadable sample file (FREE).  A simple and unformatted Excel workbook that has the starting point for the challenge to save you typing in the sample data.
  5. Challenge Solution Video and workbook ($2.99 for 12-months online access).  An online video tutorial carefully walking the student through all steps needed to complete the challenge.  The video is a great way to learn new skills.  The challenge solution also includes a multi-tabbed Excel workbook containing the solution to each step of the challenge.

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