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Excel Challenge #2: The Monty Hall Problem-Simple Excel Proof

Level: Expert Skills, Estimated Completion Time: Under 2 minutes

In this challenge you’ll prove the correct answer to the Monty Hall Problem using Excel.  A problem that has astounded and baffled expert mathematicians.

Sample File

To save you time typing in the data you can download this sample file that has the starting-point for the challenge:

Watch the Challenge Video

If you'd rather read than watch...

If you are a teacher with a class to test you’ll want to download the challenge description as a printable PDF file and print out a copy for each student. 

Attempt the challenge before watching the solution video

If you have difficulties completing the challenge (or if you want to use our challenges as a learning resource in themselves) we’ve create a professional narrated 21-minute challenge solution video tutorial that fully explains each step needed to complete this challenge. You should only watch the solution video if you have difficulty completing the challenge.  

If you do need to work through the challenge solution video tutorial try the challenge again afterwards and keep trying until you can complete it without referring to the video.  

Watch the Challenge Solution Video

Challenge Solution Video Tutorial

As you are subscribed to this challenge solution you can access the full 21-minute Challenge Tutorial Video below. You can also download a multi-tabbed Excel Workbook containing the solution to each step of the challenge (the same workbook used in the video) from your My Account page:


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