Learn Excel 2016 Expert Skills with The Smart Method

138 Free Video Walk-Thoughs for Book Owners

It is important to realize that the videos are not useful as a learning resource on their own.  This is because it isn’t possible to learn Excel 2016 from a video tutorial for the reasons explained in this article: Why you can’t effectively learn Excel 2016/365 using a Video Tutorial.

Smart Method books are the only books that have a free video walk-through for every lesson that can be viewed online. If you have difficulty completing a lesson in the book (or e-book) you can watch the corresponding video walk-through to identify where you are going wrong. Each video shows one of our Excel consultants completing a lesson from your book.  

You should always try to complete each lesson using your book and only consult the video if you have difficulties completing the lesson. 

Use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page or search box below to navigate to any of the one hundred and ninety free Excel 2016 Expert Skills video lesson walkthroughs:

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