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Inserting rows and columns in pivot tables

If you try to insert a row or column inside a pivot table (or that intersects with a pivot table), an error message will appear: There are a few different solutions to this problem, depending on what you are trying to do. Calculated Fields and Calculated Items If you need to add a row or

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Excel formula to get working days between two dates excluding holidays

In the world of business it’s a common requirement to find out how many working days there are between two dates. This calculation can be useful for payroll, project management and planning of all kinds. Excel makes these calculations easy with the NETWORKDAYS function. A simple NETWORKDAYS formula will get the number of week days

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Applying a unique constraint in Excel

Excel is often used as a data entry tool. It’s possible to prevent many data entry errors by using Excel’s built-in validation feature. Validation rules are covered in depth in our Expert Skills course. You can achieve a great deal with simple validation rules, but it’s often the case that you want to impose a

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Remove dashes from ssn, keep zeros

Social security numbers are often written in the format: xxx-xx-xxxx, such as 076-45-1808 (a randomly-generated example). Several of our customers have asked us how they can remove the hyphens from a SSN. If you try removing the hyphens manually, something unexpected happens: As soon as you remove the hyphens, the leading zero disappears. This is because

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