Learn Excel 2013 Essential Skills with The Smart Method Printed Book

Is this the right Excel 2013 book for you?

This book was written for one purpose: to provide a 100% effective way to teach Excel 2013 skills to new learners with little or no past exposure to Excel. Excel is a huge application with thousands of features. It could take months, or even years of study to master every one of them. But there’s some really good news!

The big secret is that office workers who use Excel 2013 every day for a living only use a small part of Excel’s huge feature set. The great news is that, in general, they tend to all use the same set of features. This book makes it easy for absolutely anybody to very rapidly learn Excel 2013 to a standard that will greatly impress most employers – because it will focus your time and energy upon learning the right features.

Mike Smart has personally taught classroom courses, all over the world, for many of the world’s largest companies. Mike has run courses for bankers, engineers, accountants, teachers, broadcasters, retailers, insurance brokers, telecom workers, offshore oil workers, power companies… and for many other professions. He has a unique insight into exactly which Excel features you need to know to describe yourself as a competent Excel user. This book will teach you all of those skills.

In this Essential Skills book you’ll learn to create beautiful and functional Excel workbooks that will really make you stand out above your co-workers. After completing this course you’ll be able to create worksheets that are just as professional in a matter of moments. You’ll have all of the Excel skills listed there when you have finished this book.

Absolutely anybody can master Excel using this book

By focusing only on the skills that are commonly used in the workplace it becomes possible to teach these carefully selected, most important features in depth, and in a simple way that absolutely anybody can understand.

And you’ll learn all of those skills in under 400 pages without overwhelming you with hundreds of pages of information about Excel’s less used features.

Mike’s Excel 2013 Expert Skills book comprehensively teaches the rarer Excel skills that less than 10% of Excel users typically master (and many office workers will not have a need for).

Not just an book but a professional course

It isn’t possible to write a course in the same way you would write a novel. Pages cannot all flow in an endless jumble of information (though they do in many other Excel books). To teach (and to learn) effectively every teacher knows that it is necessary to carefully plan a series of lessons. Each lesson must teach a single carefully defined objective.

This book was designed from the outset as a learning resource and is the same book that Mike uses to teach his classroom courses. It is also the text book of choice for schools, colleges, universities, corporations and government departments to teach their students and employees excellent Excel skills.

The unique layout of this book makes it perfect for both self-instruction and teaching. The book presents each self-contained lesson on two facing pages. You’ll quickly appreciate the immense value of this approach.


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