Learn Excel 2013 Basic Skills with The Smart Method free e-book

This completely free Basic Skills e-book will teach you the fundamentals of Excel 2013 in just five hours. Just click here and the book will open straight away.

You will repeatedly hear the same criticism of most Excel 2013 books: “you have to already know Excel to understand the book”. This e-book is different. If you have no previous exposure to Excel 2013, and your only computer skill is using a web browser, you’ll have absolutely no problems working through the lessons. Everything is concisely described in a way that absolutely any student, of any age or ability, can easily understand.

The free Basic Skills Tutorial may be all you need but if you decide to further expand your Excel education you’ll be able to use the other low-cost books in this series (Essential Skills and Expert Skills) to master even the most advanced Excel features.

Most students can complete this course in five hours or less.

By the end of the free Basic Skills book you’ll be able to create your own formulas using functions from Excel’s vast function library. You’ll also have mastered many other fundamental Excel skills such as AutoSum, AutoFill and Formula Autocomplete.

Here are some other reasons that you should choose this free course to learn Excel 2013:

  • It has a free video walk-through for every lesson. Smart Method tutorials are the only Excel books that have video walkthroughs available for every one of the hands-on lessons.
  • Smart Method books are best sellers. Every Smart Method Excel book (and there have been eight of them starting with Excel 2007) has been an Amazon best seller in its category. This provides you with the confidence that you are using a best-of-breed resource to learn Excel.
  • It is the book of choice for teachers. As well as catering for those wishing to learn Excel by self-study, Smart Method books have long been the preferred choice for Excel teachers as they are designed to teach Excel and not as reference books. Books follow best-practice adult teaching methodology with clearly defined objectives for each learning session and an exercise to confirm skills transfer. With single, self-contained lessons, the books cater for any teaching or self-learning period (from minutes to hours).
  • Each lesson has a sample file that models a real-world business problem. You’ll immediately appreciate the value and relevance of each skill that you will learn.

Companies who have taken Smart Method courses include:

AOL Time Warner, The United States Army, Daimler Chrysler, Motorola, HSBC, Barclays, American Express, Allied Irish Banks, Imperial Tobacco, Volvo, The BBC, British Petroleum, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Unilever, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, The Ministry of Defence, Keele University, Deutsche Bank, HBOS, Transport For London, The Performing Rights Society, Scottish Power, The Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, BAE Systems, RBS, Marks & Spencer, Virgin, O2, BMW… and many, many others.


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