Learn Excel 2007 Essential Skills with The Smart Method e-book


This e-book is very, very different to any other computer book you have ever read. The Smart Method provides an entirely new and better way to learn Excel. Here are just five of the many ways in which this e-book is unique:

  • The e-book will equip you with excellent Excel skills, good enough to impress any employer, but it doesn’t confuse by attempting to teach skills that are not common in the workplace. Only users who have advanced requirements need progress to the Expert Skills e-book.
  • This is the only e-book that is also available as a low-cost video course. Each can be used as a stand-alone product, but together they provide an incredibly powerful learning experience.
  • Instruction is logically structured into sessions and lessons. While this makes the e-book ideal for self-instruction, you can also use it to run your own, highly effective, adult training courses.
  • Every lesson is presented on two facing sheets of A4 paper (the pages are much bigger than in any other Excel e-book).
  • Each lesson has a sample file that models a real-world business problem. You’ll immediately appreciate the value and relevance of each skill as it is taught.

Both IT professionals and absolute beginners will love this e-book because it avoids needless technical jargon and concisely explains everything you need in a simple and no-nonsense way.


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