Excel 2013 Essential Skills Video Course – 1 Year Subscription


Learning from books isn’t for everybody. If you’ve tried to learn Excel from a book and given up you’ll love this video course.

While this video course has been designed as a stand-alone product, it is also available as a printed book or e-book. Many learners find it useful to use the two together. The book also provides a useful indexed reference to keep by your computer once you’ve learned Excel.

The video provides the fastest possible route to master Excel 2013. It has 139 lessons, with a running time of nearly sixteen hours.

By the end of the video you’ll be able to create sophisticated worksheets that incorporate all of Excel 2013’s most useful features. Your Excel skills will be significantly better than those of the average office worker.

Absolutely anybody can learn Excel 2013 using this video course. You will be gently introduced to all of Excel’s most important features. Everything is explained clearly, slowly and simply, from the very beginning.


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