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Many learners prefer to use a printed paper book. We’ve partnered with Amazon to deliver our paper books as we’re impressed with their delivery speed, customer service and prices. Amazon US, Canada and European sites keep all of our books in stock at all times. Our printed books are also stocked by all major online bookstores and can be ordered from any bookshop, anywhere in the world.  

We’ve provided buttons below that link to each book’s page at Amazon. The buttons have already figured out your location so will link to the Amazon store that is nearest you.

Excel 365 for Windows printed books

Excel 2019 for Windows printed books

Excel 2019 for Apple Mac printed books

Excel 2016 for Windows printed books

Excel 2016 for Apple Mac printed books

Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 printed books

We don’t recommend that you learn Excel using one of these earlier versions of Excel.

Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 have now all reached the end of Microsoft’s five-year mainstream support life cycle. The most recent to leave mainstream support was Office 2013 that reached its five-year birthday on April 10th 2018. 

The current version of Excel (Excel 365) is a very different product from Excel 2013 as it now includes Power Pivot and a greatly enhanced Get & Transform module making it suitable for a different type of analysis using OLAP techniques (that Microsoft call “modern data analysis”).

We no longer sell e-books for these retired versions but we do (for the moment) still produce them as physical printed paper books that are available from Amazon.  

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