Video Walk-Throughs for Book and e-Book Owners

If you have purchased one of our current (Excel 2016)  paper printed or e-books (or if you are using our free Basic Skills course) you can access a free video walk-through of every lesson in your book.  If you are looking for the sample file set for your book click here. 

Note that these videos are not intended to be a learning resource in themselves.  They are only useful when used in conjunction with a paper or e-book.  You should work through the lesson in the book first.  Only if you have difficulties should you watch the walk-through that may help you to understand the cause of the problem.  If the video walk-throughs do not exactly match the lessons in your book, see the FAQ section below.

Just click the book-cover that matches your paper book or e-book title.  Note that we do not provide free video walk-throughs for Excel versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft (2007, 2010 and 2013) but our older comprehensive video courses for retired versions are still available for purchase in our shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Excel 2016 is regularly updated via semi-annual updates.  These often add features to Excel.  We regularly update our videos to match the current Excel 2016 version.  If you have had your book for some time (or have purchased a second-hand book) it is possible the your book is referencing an older release of Excel.

No.  We do not publish video walk-thoughs for our Excel for Mac titles.

The January 2018 semi-annual update (version 1709).  This version was also released to Semi-Annual (Targeted) channel on Sept 12, 2017 and to the Monthly Channel on Sept 18, 2017.   You can learn more about update channels in the free Basic Skills book (Lesson 1‑2: Check that your Excel version is up to date).